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Our ultimate goal is to help the environment by upcycling waste into useful and valuable products. This project is focused on finding creative solutions to huge plastic waste that our society is facing. Through meaningful work and training in design, handcraft and circular economy, we empower especially underprivileged women and support their well-being and unique skills. We have produced more than a hundred upcycled products from Bag to Fruit Basket. And the list still goes on..

To see all of our upcycled products, please check our gallery on Instagram @kertabumikliniksampah

All our upcycled products are sold on Tokopedia and Shopee


Plastic Bag Upcyling


Plastic Bottle Upcycling


Banner Upcycling


Tire Upcycling


Organic Waste Composting


Glass Bottle Upcycling


Jakarta, Indonesia

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